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 [AutoFighterCS] [21.576] [stuck at bank / not withdrawing food]

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PostSubject: [AutoFighterCS] [21.576] [stuck at bank / not withdrawing food]   Sat Jun 18, 2011 6:54 pm

Mkay... I've never really bothered with using food before as Im F2P (most of the things I train on don't require food, but now i made a new account which takes a beating when training...) so this error is new to me, I just wanted to know if this is new or has always been happening with the bot.

heres the info:

location: fally white knights

problem: fights like normal, uses food like normal, when it runs out of food it runs to the bank, deposits the loot, and from there I'm not sure what happens cause it always happens while I'm afk. But anyways, I keep coming back to it stuck at the bank just standing there for god knows how long.

update, i set it up to have only one food and heal pretty quick so i could watch what happens, the bot clicks directly on the wall of the bank (on the minimap) and it causes the character to run back and forth over and over, after a while it managed to succeed in banking, (im guessing when it gets fully stuck like before it fails to bank for too long and gives up) but then it had trouble with drawing the correct amount of tuna for 2-3 times, so it decided to go to war with out food, i am now watching to see what it will do...


this is the log of the above update i mentioned, ill post the original logs if i could ever find where they were saved...

09:39:57:416 INFO  [PerfecticusFighter] - [COMBAT] > Combat handler started.
09:40:13:280 INFO  [PerfecticusFighter] - [COMBAT] > Interactivity interrupted > breakout
09:40:13:329 INFO  [PerfecticusFighter] - [COMBAT] > End of combat > Total time in combat: 00:32:11 > avg: 23.28s
09:40:13:349 INFO  [PerfecticusFighter] - [LOOTING] > Waiting for loot
09:40:15:126 INFO  [PerfecticusFighter] - [CHECKSTATE] > !isSafeToFight() > BANK
09:43:01:940 INFO  [W6:6 PerfecticusFighter.PerfecticusFighter$3] - [WalkingPath] EARLY RETURN SET, PATH SEMI-DONE
09:43:34:665 WARN  [W6:6 PerfecticusFighter.PerfecticusFighter$3] - Tab Selection Failed 4
09:43:34:677 WARN  [W6:6 PerfecticusFighter.PerfecticusFighter$3] -      PerfecticusFighter.PerfecticusFighter$3.runV(PerfecticusFighter.java:1093)
09:43:34:709 WARN  [W6:6 PerfecticusFighter.PerfecticusFighter$3] -      impsoft.scripting.types.parallel.scriptjobs.ScriptJob.runL(impsoft/scripting/types/parallel/scriptjobs/ScriptJob:-1)
09:43:34:912 INFO  [PerfecticusFighter] - [CHECKSTATE] > Forcebank > BANK
09:43:34:922 INFO  [PerfecticusFighter] - [RANDOM] > Setting random pitch.
09:43:37:677 INFO  [PerfecticusFighter] - [BANK] > Attempting to withdraw 21 Tuna(s)
09:43:45:956 INFO  [PerfecticusFighter] - [BANK] > Food failed to withdraw - failcounter: 2
09:43:46:636 INFO  [PerfecticusFighter] - [WALKER] > Walk SJ started.
09:44:03:229 INFO  [W4:4 PerfecticusFighter.PerfecticusFighter$9] - [WalkingPath] EARLY RETURN SET, PATH SEMI-DONE
09:44:03:729 INFO  [PerfecticusFighter] - [COMBAT] > Found NPC(White Knight|Level:36|Location:(2971, 3348)|Distance:9)
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[AutoFighterCS] [21.576] [stuck at bank / not withdrawing food]
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