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 What is Premium Script Support?

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PostSubject: What is Premium Script Support?   Mon Jun 13, 2011 1:25 pm

As we all know, rsbot.com/forum has fallen prey to hackers and the owner Renegade has decided to close the forums. The main rsbot.com site is still operational and there is no doubt that scripts will continue to be sold without forum support. That's where this thread comes in!

This is where some of the old rsbot.com members will continue to help support the scripts and the nexus client. While we do not have any script developers here, many of us are very familiar with the scripts and the nexus client and will do our best to help solve problems and provide suggestions. In the case that we cannot solve an issue, we will provide proper Impsoft links to submit ticket issues.

If you know of any previous rsbot.com members that use the scripts, please direct them to these forums.
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What is Premium Script Support?
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