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 [Autofighter] [21.606] [not able to see npc in normal settings]

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PostSubject: [Autofighter] [21.606] [not able to see npc in normal settings]    Fri Jul 01, 2011 3:19 pm

i have the bot running on my mac but it has a little problem.

i need to set the npc at invisble on minimap to get it working but when i do that he starts to click evry sec on the npc. also when i dont put it on invisible on mini map i get the error :

12:17:55:085 ERROR [neXus Input] - STOP Script Order ignored:
12:17:55:085 ERROR [neXus Input] - !area.contains(x,y)

does any one know how to fix this ?

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[Autofighter] [21.606] [not able to see npc in normal settings]
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